What's in Opsgenie's BlackBerry Dynamics app

Specifically designed for the Blackberry Dynamics secure mobility platform, this app allows you to take advantage of features in Opsgenie in a secure Blackberry Dynamics MDM deployment. Please download this application only if you are a BlackBerry Dynamics customer.

If you are not a BlackBerry Dynamics customer, you can download and use the main Opsgenie for iOS application from the iTunes store here.


When you open the application for the first time, login screen will appear. After providing a valid Opsgenie account name and password, you can tap Login button or Go key from the keyboard on the second screen to login.

A series of screenshots showing the logins steps for Opsgenie's Blackberry app.


After your mobile phone is registered, you will receive push notifications according to your notification rules.

When you receive a push notification, the sound which you have selected as your notification sound will play unless your mobile phone is in silent mode.

An image showing notifications type in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.


Dashboard is the initial page when you open and login the application. Number of unacked alerts and open alerts are displayed on the top row buttons in which you can also navigate to those alerts by tapping them.

Bigger button on the middle of the screen includes a summary information about your on call schedule and you can navigate to Schedules page by tapping this button.

You can acknowledge all alerts or close them all using the Ack All and Close All buttons on the dashboard. You can prevent receiving notifications for 5 minutes by tapping Mute button. If you have already muted notifications, this button becomes Unmute and you can unmute notifications again by tapping this button.

A screenshot of Opsgenie's Blackberry app dashboard.

Side Menu

Side menu provides an easy way to navigate between pages within Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics app. Side menu can be accessed by swiping right on any page or tapping side menu icon which is shown by red arrow on following screen shot which is available on any page.

While side menu is visible, you can tap the name of the page you want to navigate. Side menu will push aside the window of current page to the right. Tapping side-menu shortcut or any point on the pushed screen will hide side-menu.

An image showing the navigation bar in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Swiping Down to Refresh

All pages within Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics app can be refreshed to keep track of latest data. Refreshing the page can be performed by swiping down the current window within the application.

An image that is showing refreshed lists through swiping down in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.


Toast Messages

Opsgenie shows toast messages to keep you informed about some requests and states. A toast message is shown and disappears by itself in case of successful/unsuccessful actions, network errors, etc. without having any negative effect on UI.


An image showing toast messages in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Alert List

You can see the list of your alerts and perform actions on them in the alert list page.

Alerts are displayed according to different filters including Open Alerts, Closed Alerts, Unacked Alerts, Not Seen alerts and All Alerts. You can change the current filter by tapping Filters button on the navigation bar and selecting a filter from the filter list:

A screenshot of alert filter options in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Performing actions on alerts in the alert list page

You can swipe from right-to-left on any alert to perform Acknowledge and Close actions. To see the list of all available actions for the alert, you can tap the All Actions button after swiping an alert to left. List of all available actions are also can be listed by tapping three-dotted orange button on the alerts.

You can cancel performing an action by tapping the cancellation button which appears after performing an action:

A screenshot showing undoing an action in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Multi-Select mode and performing actions on multiple alerts

You can start multi-select mode by tapping multi-select mode button on the right side of the navigation bar or pressing 2 seconds on an alert from the list. When multi select mode is activated in the alert list page, you can select multiple alerts by tapping each once. Tapping on an already selected alert will deselect the tapped alert. You can deselect all of the selected alerts by tapping Deselect Alerts button on the left side of the navigation bar.

You can perform Acknowledge, Close and Add Note actions easily on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen if those actions are enabled. You can also list all available actions by tapping Other button on the toolbar at the bottom. After performing any action on multiple-selection mode, alert list will return to single selection mode automatically. You can also return to single selection (normal) mode by tapping Return to Normal Mode button on the right side of navigation bar.


Alert Details

You can obtain detailed information about alerts on Alert Details page. You can open details of an alert by tapping any alert in the alert list (while not during multiple selection mode).

You can display all available actions on the alert and perform any of them by tapping Actions button on the right side of navigation bar.

You can display the recipients and their states, notes which were added to the alert and logs related with the alert by selecting Recipients, Notes, or Logs from the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

A screenshot of alert tabs in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Other Pages

Who Is On Call

You can investigate all schedules and active rotations at the moment within Who Is On Call page. If you tap actions button which is on the right side of any schedules, you can take on-call of that schedule for one hour or one day.

A screenshot of who is on call page in Opsgenie's Blackberry Dynamics app.

Notification Settings

You can display and update your notification rules, contact methods and sound settings using the Notification Settings page. Rules segment displays your notification preferences and rules, while Contact Methods segment displays your defined contact methods. Sounds segment displays the notification sound settings for your current device and you can also update these settings using Sounds segment. You can enable/disable your notification preferences, notification rules and contact methods. However, to add or delete those, you should use our web interface.

An image showing notification settings in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.



You can display your outgoing forwarding rules in the Forwardings page. You can add a new outgoing forwarding rule by tapping the Add Button on the right side of the navigation bar. To edit or delete an existing forwarding rule, you can tap the actions button which is seen as three-dots on any forwarding rule.


You can display your on-call schedule information for any day in the Schedules page.

Days you are on-call will have a cyan-colored circle around the day on the calendar. You can tap any day within calendar to display on-call schedule information at the bottom side of the calendar view.

Directory & User Details

You can display all users within Directory page. If you tap any of the users displayed, user details which contains summarized profile and contact methods of the user will be displayed.

If you tap any of the contact methods within User Details page, you will be redirected to contact the user according to the selected contact method. Tapping e-mail address of the user will launch iOS Mail app, tapping phone number of the user will perform a phone call using iOS Phone app or will launch iOS Message app. Finally, if you have already installed Skype app to your device, tapping Skype username of the user will perform a Skype call to the user.

Quiet Hours

You can display, update and disable your quiet hours settings on the Quiet Hours page. When you tap on Start Time or End Time labels, a time picker view will be displayed as follows:

A screenshot showing quiet hours settings for Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Additional Help