View alert detail on a BlackBerry Dynamics

Alert Details is the section in which detailed information on alert, recipient list and their states, notes which were added to alert and logs related with the alert can be reached. If you tap on an alert-related push notification itself instead of an action on the notification or if you tap on a listed alert on Alert List page, you will navigate to this section.

If you tap the button with title "Actions" on the navigation bar, available actions for displayed alert will be listed. You can select any of these to perform.

A screenshot of alert actions in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.


There four tabs on this section which are Details, Recipients, Notes and Logs. You can navigate between those tabs quickly using the tab bar at the bottom on this section.

A screenshot of alert tabs in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Details tab will be displayed by default when you navigate to Alert Details section. All information related with alert itself will be displayed on this page. Message, description and extra properties fields can display HTML content. If there is any attachment(s) attached to the alert, they will also be listed on this tab.

In-App Browser

If you tap any of the attachments which is displayed on details tab, Opsgenie in-app browser will appear. You can display the content of any file which iOS supports by default including HTML content, media files, document types, etc. via Opsgenie in-app browser.

An image of a document displayed by in-app browser in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.
  • Recipients tab displays the list of recipients of alert with their names and states.

  • Notes tab displays the notes which are added to alert. Notes may contain HTML content and this page also have HTML support.

  • Logs tab displays the logs related to the alert.

Additional Help