Navigate the alert list on a BlackBerry Dynamics

Alert list page displays alerts according to selected filter. Alerts are listed in order of newest to latest and while you are scrolling down, alerts will continue being fetched in correct order. Alert list page provides summarized info on displayed alerts and you are able to perform actions on alerts on Alert List page. You can navigate to Alert List page using side menu or tapping Unacked/Open Alerts buttons on dashboard.

An image that explains the fields of alert list in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Filtering alerts

You can change the filter to display alerts by tapping button with title "Filters" on the navigation bar and selecting a filter from displayed sheet. When you select a filter, list of alerts according to selected filter will be displayed immediately. If you tap on a listed alert, application will navigate to details page of tapped alert.

A screenshot of alert filter options in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

Executing actions

Alerts are listed by displaying their message, status, owner and creation time information. Furthermore, you can tap the orange button which is like "three dots" and placed onto alerts to list available actions for an alert.

A screenshot of alert actions with custom actions in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

You can also see available actions on any alert by swiping left an alert. "All Actions" button which is displayed by swiping left an alert has same functionality with orange three-dots button.

Multiple selection

You can select multiple alerts to perform actions on them by starting multiple-selection mode on alert list. Multiple selection mode can be started by tapping "Multi-Select Mode Button" which is at the most right side of navigation bar or performing a long touch on any alert. While multiple selection is active, you can select alerts by tapping once of them. Tapping on an already-selected alert will deselect the alert. You can also deselect all selected alerts by tapping "Deselect Alerts" button on the navigation bar.

A screenshot showing selecting and deselecting alerts in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

You can perform an action to all selected alerts from selecting an action from bottom toolbar which is visible only when multiple selection is active. Tapping button with title "Other" from toolbar will display union of available actions for selected alerts. If you select an action to perform, alert list will return to single-selection mode automatically. You can also tap "Back" button which is on the right side of navigation bar to return single-selection mode.

Undo Action

Because executing actions on alerts are important, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics app provides opportunity to undoing an alert action within 3 seconds after action is selected. If you tap "undo view", the action you have selected will never be executed. If you do not tap on the toast-like view, action will be executed automatically and view will disappear. You will never be asked to confirm your alert action each time, so that you can continue using the application without any interruption.

A screenshot showing undoing an action in Opsgenie's Blackberry app.

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