Automation | Understanding the Executions available count shown in the usage tab when both JSM & JSW are present

Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


The total automation executions available are shown under Settings > System > Global Automation > Usage tab. It gets confusing sometimes to understand the execution number available if both JSW and JSM are in use.



The Execution Available section shows the max total number of automation execution available combining all Jira and JSM products on your site.

For example:

Assume you have Jira Software Standard and Jira Service Management Premium plan products on your site.

  • For Jira Standard plan you get only 500 executions for an entire month regardless of how many users you have.

  • For JSM Premium plan you get 1000 execution per seat per month. JSM allows a maximum of 35000 users on the site and all potential 35000 seats are considered for execution limit.

So the total number of available executions is calculated as:

  1. JSM Premium 35000 users * 1000 execution → 35000000 executions/month

  2. Jira Software Standard → 500 executions/month

Adding both the total is → 35000500 executions/month

Available executions

If both Jira and JSM are on a premium plan then you will see 70 Million Executions available in the usage section.

To check the number of seats available log in to your site and use https://<yourdomain> in the browser where you will see a numberOfSeats property in the JSON. This is the total seat count that will be considered for Premium products.

See numberOfSeats property in the JSON

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Updated on May 31, 2024

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