Jira.issue.editable property key | It's significance and impact

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jira.issue.editable property key is used to have control over whether the issue can be editable on a specific status or not.

Example: You may not want an issue to be editable when it’s on a particular status. For example, once an issue is in a “Done” status, you may want to restrict editing to ensure no data changes after work is completed.

When setting up automation rules for status or transition it is important to verify this value. Please feel free to read more about this property from https://support.atlassian.com/jira-cloud-administration/docs/use-workflow-properties/

Use caseKeyValue
To make an issue editable when it's on a particular status.jira.issue.editabletrue
To disable editing when an issue is on a particular status. Often used on final status.jira.issue.editablefalse




If the value of "jira.issue.editable" property has been set as False on any status it would not allow further editing on the issue when the issue has been marked on that particular status. The reason for the same: This property with a "False" value on status signifies that this final status of the issue thus does not require editing. Therefore automation rule that is trying to perform any action(related to editing any field value") on this status would encounter an error in the audit log . When attempting to update or change a field let's say "epic link" or "epic name" on specific status lets say "Done" (has the said property set as False):

"Unknown fields set during the edit may be unavailable for the project/type. Check your custom field configuration. Fields ignored"


Check whether the status has the "jira.issue.editable" property set as "false" If yes then change its value to "true". After changing the property "jira.issue.editable" property to "true" it will allow you to edit the field.

Updated on May 31, 2024

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