Automation For Jira - Using an automation rule to close or resolve a Jira issue will result in an issue without any resolution set

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When using an automation rule (from Automation For Jira) to close or resolve Jira issues, the issue ends up in a closed status without any resolution set, as illustrated in the screenshot below:

Issue is Closed but resolution field is not set

However, when the ticket is resolved or closed via the UI, the issue has a resolution set:

Issue marked closed with resolution field set

The purpose of this article is to explain why this behaviour might happen and how to fix it.


Take a look at how the automation rule is configured, especially the action that is transitioning the issue to a closed or resolved status, and note that the resolution field is not set in this action.

Resolution field not available in Edit field in automation

Take a look at the list of post-functions associated with this transition in the workflow configuration, and note that there is no post-function that is setting the resolution field, but that there is a transition screen associated with it:

Transition screen in workflow

Click on the transition screen, and note that the Resolution field is part of this screen:

resolution field is present on screen


The reason why the resolution field is set when the ticket is resolved via the UI while it is not set when it's resolved via the automation rule is that:

  • There is a screen associated with the "Resolve" transition, which forces the Jira user to choose a resolution when resolving the issue from the UI

  • Since there is no post-function which automatically sets the resolution field upon the "Resolve" transition, the resolution field remains empty when the issue is transitioned via the Automation rule.


Edit the action in the automation rule that transitions the issue by adding the Resolution field via the menu Choose field to set..., and by selecting a default value (for example "Done" as illustrated in the screenshot below):

After resolution field is added on screen, it shows up in edit action in automation

Updated on June 7, 2024

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