Automation | How to update parent task start and due date automatically when it's subtasks due date or start dates are changed (in advanced roadmap or directly on sub-tasks)

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How to update parent task start and due date automatically when its subtasks dates are changed in the Advanced Roadmap via automation


When a Sub-task is changed for its “Start Date” or “Due Date”, then detect that change and add the Minimum date to “Start Date” and the Maximum date to “Due Date” on the parent Task Issue.

For example:

If you've got a Task created with 4 Sub-Tasks beneath that with each one having a distinct Start and Due Date. In such case the Parent Task - TS-10 has got 4 sub-tasks and supposedly, 6th August can be taken as the Start Date and 31st August as the Due Date for the parent issue (TS-10), which will cover the complete timeline for all sub-tasks as well.

Advanced Roadmap PLAN showing story and its subtask

Automation rule can be created following the below configuration:

Set Start date as min and End date as max date on Parent
Set Start date as min and end date as max date using automation

Reference screen recording attached:

Updated on June 13, 2024

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