The ScriptRunner action shows the warning "Disabled third party extension for Automation for Jira?" when configuring an automation rule

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The purpose of this knowledge article is to describe a scenario where the ScriptRunner action cannot be used in Jira automation rules, due to the warning shown below, and how to fix it:

Issue replication locally

Note that this article is only applicable for Jira applications that have the third-party add-on ScriptRunner for Jira installed since the action "Execute a ScriptRunner script" comes from this add-on.


  • Generate a HAR file, or check the browser Network tab while loading the page Project Settings > Automation for any project

    • Look for a request that is sent to the invalid endpoint /secure/undefined/rest/wrm/2.0/resources that returns the 404 Not Found HTTP error

Invalid URL
  • Enter plugin safe mode in the ⚙ > Manage Apps > Manage Apps, then re-enable the ScriptRunner add-on and check if the warning goes away

    • If the warning goes away, then this article is relevant

    • Make sure to exit plugin safe mode, otherwise all the 3rd party add-ons will remain in the disabled state

    • If your operations rely heavily on 3rd party add-ons, we highly recommend to:

      • Either perform this test on a clone/test Jira environment

      • Or to perform it outside business hours


There is a 3rd party add-on that is preventing Automation For Jira from properly loading the action "Execute a ScriptRunner script" that comes from ScriptRunner. So far, only the 2 add-ons below have been reported to cause this issue, but there might be others:


The solution consists of 2 main steps described below.

Step 1 - Identify the problematic add-on

  1. Go to the page ⚙ > Manage Apps > Manage Apps

  2. Disable each 3rd party add-on 1 by 1

  3. Whenever you disable 1 add-on, try to configure a new automation rule and check if the warning still appears when loading the action "Execute a ScriptRunner script"

    1. If the warning is still there, go back to the previous step and continue disabling add-ons

    2. If the warning goes away, take note of the last add-on that was disabled, as it is the one that was causing the issue

  4. Once you identified the problematic add-on, re-enable all the add-ons

Step 2 - Disable the problematic add-on or reach out to their support team

You have 2 options here:

  • Either disable the problematic add-on, so that you can configure the automation rule using the action "Execute a ScriptRunner script"

  • Or, if disabling this add-on is not an option, please reach out to the add-on support team so that you can get assistance on this issue since 3rd party add-ons are not supported by Atlassian. You can find the link to the add-on support portal on its listing on the Atlassian Marketplace

Updated on May 31, 2024

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