Text renderer problem after migrating to Jira to Cloud

Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


Many times users face issues with the text formatting in text fields after migrating from Jira Server to Jira Cloud.


On the server side, we have the option of using Rich Text Editor apps like jeditor. The problem here is that the Jeditor add-on has stored a load of formatting information in the form of markup. Jira has its own storage format for formatted text with rich renderers and doesn't understand rich text editors like Jeditor format. All it can do is render what it sees as plain text as that.

Below is an example of the text that is shown on the Jira Cloud after migration from a Jira server where the text was stored using Jeditor.

<ul> <li>Goal: $118,610 potential annual cost reduction.</li> <li>Details: on MCN 362-79437-3581, switch from SZ-B20276-3581 - BELDEN WIRE AND CABLE CO(16428) to 96511982001 - COPARTNER WIRE AND CABLE(COPART). Both are approved/listed in the Agile/ AVL.</li> <li>Items: Seven (7) IVG cable assemblies quoted by VOLEX so far. See attached file. <ul>

In order to fix this problem for Text / String-only fields, we can use the below option in the automation rule. In this example we have used the manual trigger to act upon one of the paragraph text fields:

Automation rule sample

In the above example we have made the changes for a custom field and therefore used the keyword customfield_10299. In case we wish to do it for a system text field like Description, we would replace customfield_10299 with description as shown below:

  • {{issue.description.replaceAll("((?:<style.+?>.+?</style>| |<script.+?>.+?</script>|<(?:!|/?[a-zA-Z]+).*?/?>))"," ")}}

More details on the action ReplaceAll are available here:

Updated on May 31, 2024

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