How to set a default Description template for an issue type in Jira Cloud

Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


A use-case or requirement for the users is to have a default Description template for a particular issue type in place for the users to re-use in all the tickets. This document illustrates the solutions to setup a default template for the Description field in an issue type which can be used for multiple issues.


Automation For Jira

The first method is by using Automation for Jira if you require that the Description field be updated as a template after the issue is created. Please follow the below steps to achieve this requirement:

  • From your service project, select Project Settings > Automation

  • Select Create rule in the top-right corner.

  • Select a trigger for the rule which is Issue created

  • Configure the trigger settings and select Save

  • Select New component and select If: Add a condition to add a condition for this rule.

  • Select Issue fields condition and select Issue Type in Field and equals in Condition and Value should be the issue type as per requirement.

  • Select New component and select Then: Add an action.

  • Select Edit issue action and select Description field in Fields to set.

  • In the Description box, please update the following: {{issue.description}} ----------------------------------------

<Story Template>

  • The above format means that in the first line, the description added by the user while creating the Story will be present. After this, you can add the Story template as you require as text.

  • Please note, if you want to override the Story Description added by the user when creating a Story, just add the Story template of your choice in the Description box on the above step.

  • Give your rule a name, then select Turn it on.

By creating the above automation rule, whenever any new Story is created, this rule will run and update the Story Description field with the desired Story Template as per your requirements. For your reference, I will share some screenshots of the automation rule components with this email.

Automation Rule Image

Please follow the below documentation to understand more about Automation for Jira and its use: Create and edit Jira automation rules

Default Values for the 'Create Issue' screen add on

If you require a fixed template to appear in the Description field while the Story issue is being created by the user, you can use Default Values Add-On (Now available for Cloud). The Default Values plugin for Jira allows you to automatically inject predefined values into fields on the "Create Issue" screen and it's a free application. Simply go to the application's configuration and add default values for any of the supported fields like Description or Assignee.

Updated on May 31, 2024

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