How to copy Assets custom fields values to a Subtask using Automation for Jir

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This article details steps on how to copy Assets custom fields values to a Subtask using Jira automation. Additional steps are required compared to using Jira Custom fields.


  1. Create a new automation Rule

  2. Add When to trigger the rule

  3. Add a new action "Create Issue"

    1. Complete the Summary field and any other necessary Jira custom fields. At this stage, do not select the Assets Custom fields.

      Create issue component in Automation rule

  4. Add a new Branch rule action

    1. Set the type of related issues to 'Most recently created issue'

  5. Add a new action "Edit issue"

    1. Choose the Assets custom fields that need to be configured. These should be copied from the Parent issue.

      Edit Assets field in JSM using automation

  6. Add a new action "Re-fetch issue data"

  7. Save and enable the rule.


If Assets Custom Fields are mandatory on screen, the automation rule will not work as expected because Assets custom field values are not populated in Step #3.

As a workaround, you can set a dummy object during the issue creation step. This ensures that the issue is successfully created. This dummy object will then be replaced by the values from the parent issue during the Edit issue step #4.

Setting Dummy object field using automation

Updated on May 31, 2024

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