How to add organizations field in dashboard using automation

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Over the years, we have received multiple requests from clients asking how to add an 'Organizations' field to a dashboard in Jira. Since this feature is not currently available, we will provide a step-by-step guide in this documentation on how to use Automation to save the value of the Organization to a custom field and then use the field on Dashboard gadgets.

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Creating the custom field

  1. Select > Issues.

  2. Under FIELDS, select Custom fields.

  3. Click Create a custom field with the Select List (Single choice) type.

  4. Add a name to the field and populate it with the name of the available Organizations.

  5. Associate the field with the Screens.

Creating the automation rule

  • Go to Project settings > Automation > Create rule.

  • Create a new Trigger > When: Scheduled.

  • Check Run JQL search and execute actions for each issue in the query option.

  • Fill out the JQL search with this value: Organizations != EMPTY


This JQL query will retrieve all the tickets that have a non-empty value in the ‘Organizations' field

Automation Schedule Trigger using JQL
  • Add a new condition > Issue fields condition > Fill out this condition with the details below:

Automation condition comparing fields
  • Select a new action > Edit Issue Fields.

  • Select the custom field created and include the smart value: {{}}.

Edit field in automation
  • Under More options, uncheck the option This rule should send emails. Rule actor must be an admin or project admin, so users won’t be notified about the change to the custom field value.

Run automation rule using trigger scheduled


Scheduled rules can update up to 100 items at a time. For more details, check the following documentation Automation service limits.


Note 1: Custom Field variables are case-sensitive.

Note 2: After existing tickets are updated, you can change the trigger to Issue created to populate the custom field as soon as new tickets are created.

Build a dashboard and use gadgets to report the number of tickets created by Organization

  • Go to Dashboards > create a new dashboard.

  • Add a new gadget (In this case, we choose Pie Chart for this example).

  • On the gadget configuration, select a Filter or the Project, and under Static type, select the custom field.

Pie Chart
  • Save the new gadget.

Pie chart output

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Updated on May 31, 2024

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