How to add HTML paragraph when sending an email notification in Automation for Jira

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Jira administrators would like to trigger an email in html format with a paragraph when a customer creates or adds a comment through the Customer Portal.


In this page, we will show you an example on how to trigger an email to the Service Desk Customer (author) with the content from the comment with HTML tags including a paragraph.

  • Automation rule

Automation Rule Send Email Component displaying the email HTM content
  • Email received

Sample Received email sent by JIRA Automation with HTML content
  • HTML code used in 'Send email' content

1 <h4 style="background-color:rgb(89, 89, 89);"><span style="color:white">Servicedesk Response</span></h4><div style="background-color:rgb(229, 229, 229);">{{comment.body.html}}</div>


  • For the paragraph, do not use the <p> element to add a paragraph. You need to use <div> block.

    • The way Automation sends an email, if <p> is included, the Send Email action needs to convert wiki markup to HTML and it will append an additional <p> to the request and the styling in the section of the “comment.body.html” will be lost.

  • Use {{comment.body.html}} smart value to capture the comment body in HTML format.

  • Make sure the send e-mail action configuration is set to "Send as: HTML"

    Set send as  HTML

Updated on May 31, 2024

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