'Field value changed' trigger in Automation doesn't support 'Epic Link' field

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While setting up an automation rule, 'Epic Link' field is not present in 'Field value changed' trigger.


'Epic Link' field is missing under the 'Field value changed' trigger. The only fields present in relation to Epic are 'Epic Color', 'Epic Name' & 'Epic Status'.


This is expected behavior per the current design.

"Field Value Changed" trigger does not have "Epic Link" field present


Instead of 'Field value changed' trigger, use 'Issue updated' trigger and follow the below steps:

  • Trigger

    : 'issue Update'

  • Condition1: 'Issue fields condition'

    • Issuetype should not be Epic, or add specific issuetype(s) where you need to execute the rule.

  • Condition2 : 'Advanced compare condition'

First value: {{#changelog.Epic Link}}{{fromString}}{{/}}

Condition: does not equal

Second value: {{#changelog.Epic Link}}{{toString}}{{/}}

  • Action : Add the action you would like to be performed in the end.

Sample Rule based on the above-stated steps:

Automation rule showing workaround to detect change on Epic Link field

Additional information

To have this requirement implemented, we have below feature request to restrict Sprints per Project was created:

By adding yourself as a watcher, you will receive all communications done on the progress of this. You can refer to our feature request policy for more information about how we plan for the new features.

Updated on May 31, 2024

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