Automation rule fails with "Could not find create meta data for project/typeId" message in "Create Issue" module

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The error message "Could not find create meta data for project/typeId" is observed in the 'audit log' of Project Automation (Automation for Jira) in the "Create Issue" module:

Audit log showing the error message


  • Create a simple "Automation for Jira" rule with the 'Create Issue' module in it.

  • Trigger the rule so that the "Create Issue" module is executed.

  • The execution of the rule fails.

  • When we check the "Audit log", we see the below error message.

1 Could not find create meta data for project/typeId


  • The automation rule fails as the "Rule Actor" of the automation rule doesn't have sufficient permission.

  • The Rule Actor needs to have sufficient permissions to execute the automation activities configured in the rule. The rule will be executed with the permissions of the Rule Actor

  • The automation rule fails as the Rule Actor doesn't have "Create Issue" permission for the project on which the rule is executed.


To resolve it,

  • Please go to Project Settings > Permissions > Actions > Edit Permissions > Create Issues and add the user (Rule Actor) to the relevant Group or Project Role.

  • Or, change the Rule Actor with the user who has "Create Issue" permission for the project.

Updated on May 31, 2024

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