Automation rule to get email notification along with report before 5 days of due date

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This document can be used to create an automation rule that sends an email notification along with the list of issues that are due in 5 days.


Follow the below step-by-step instructions to create an automation rule for the scenario discussed above.

1. Create an automation trigger based on your requirements. In this example, we have used a "Schedule trigger" to set up this rule. The schedule trigger below will execute every day at 9:00 AM Asia/Calcutta time zone.

Scheduled trigger

2. Use the "Lookup issue" action to look up issues based on the JQL used. For example, you can use the following JQL to find the issues that are due in 5 days.

1 duedate >= now() and duedate <= 5d

Using the above JQL, you can configure the rule as below:

Lookup issues

3. The last step is to use the "Send email" action and enter the recipient's email address in the TO address. In the body of the email, use the {{lookupIssues}} smart value and this will list all the issues in the email body which are resulted from the JQL in the lookup issue action of step 2. Additionally, you can use the other smart values like {{key}} and {{summary}} as shown in the screenshot below, which will give more informative email content.

Send email action

Updated on June 6, 2024

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