Automation Rule| With Automation Rule incorrect user(doesnot belong to the setup Role) is being assigned to Issue.

Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


An automation rule that has been setup to assign the issue to a particular Role user based on the condition is assigning the issues to the user who is not part of the defined Role in the rule.


Issue "ABC-123" was assigned to the user "Testuser1" who is not part of Role "Jira-Test-Role" in the project "Example"

Validate the user "Testuser1" is part of Role "Jira-Test-Role" in the project "Example"

Verification steps followed

  • User does not exist in the Role on Project settings

    • Go to the Project setting

    • People > review User and associate Role

    • user does not exist here.

  • No other automation rule has been executed to assign the issue.

  • Workflow does not have user assignment defined in the post function.

  • No other script has been executed to perform this operation.


Such behaviour of assignment to a user(incorrectly) has been observed when the said user is part of the Default user or Default group for the Role on Global Project Role.

  • Example: User(Testuser1) could be part of the Role "Jira-Test-Role" in the Project Role in the global setting.


  • Go to your Jira site check click on the gear button next to the profile > select System > Go to "Project Role" under System.

  • Then click on "Manage Default Member" for the "Jira-Test-Role" role.

  • Then check whether the user "Testuser1" is mentioned under Default User or the group that is mentioned under Default group has user "Test User".

  • Sharing snippet for reference:

    Default members in a project role

  • Check the Role in Project role(global), If the user exists there please remove it from the default user or Default group and test the automation rule again.

  • Yet if the issue persists please reach out to support via:

Updated on May 31, 2024

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