Automation For Jira - How to create a rule that sends the list of issues that have been in progress for 5 days

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This article describes how to create an Automation Rule using the Lookup Issues action (available in Automation for Jira from the version 9.0.1), which will send a daily email to a group of users, including the list of issues that have been in the status "In Progress" for 5 days.


Rule configuration details

The rule will need to be configured as follows:

  • Add the Scheduled trigger with the settings below:

    • Frequency: Once per day

    • Select the option simply run the conditions and actions without providing issues

  • Add the Lookup issues action with the JQL below. Feel free to adjust it to your liking, for example by filtering with a different project or status, or by changing the number of days.

project = SCRUM AND status = "In Progress" AND status changed to "In Progress" before -5d AND NOT status changed to "In Progress" after -5d
  • Add the Send email action with the settings below:

    • In More Option, untick the option Convert line breaks to HTML line breaks

Send as HTML
  • To: Choose the Jira group or recipient of your choice

  • Subject: You can use the suggestion below:

List of issues that have been in progress for 5 days
  • Content: You can use the suggestion below, which will list all the issues along with their URL, summary, and assignee:

    1 <h2>List of issues that have been in progress for 5 days</h2>The {{lookupIssues.size}} issues listed below have been in progress for 5 days:<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"><thead><tr><th align= "left">Key</th><th align= "left">Summary</th><th align= "left">Assignee</th></tr></thead><tbody>{{#lookupIssues}}<tr><td><a href="{{url}}">{{key}}</a></td><td><a href="{{url}}">{{summary}}</a></td><td><em>{{assignee.displayName}}</em></td></tr>{{/}}</tbody></table>

Screenshot of the rule

The complete rule is illustrated in the screenshot below:

Send email via automation with HTML content

Example of email sent by this rule

List of rules in progress from last 5 days

Updated on May 31, 2024

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