Automation for Jira - How to automatically close sub-tasks from a parent issue

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When a Jira issue (for example a story) has multiple sub-tasks underneath it, it might be tedious to close each sub-task 1 by 1 after closing the story.

Not closing the sub-tasks linked to a Story might prevent Jira users from closing a Sprint, since Sprints require all issues (including their sub-tasks) to be closed, as explained in the feature request JSWSERVER-12012 -[ Unable to close Sprint with closed parent issue and open sub-tasks] This knowledge article provides an example of an automation rule that automatically closes all the sub-tasks of a parent issue after the parent issue is closed.


The automation rule can be configured as described below:

Automation rule configuration

  • When: Issue transitioned

    • From status: Any status

    • To: Done (Feel free to change this status to the one that matches your workflow)

  • Branch rule / related issues:

    • Type of related issues: Sub-tasks

  • Then: transition issue (to place inside the branch)

    • Transition the issue by Selecting the destination status

    • Destination status: Done (Feel free to change this status to the one that matches your workflow)

The screenshot shows the full rule

Automatically close sub-tasks from a parent issue using automation for jira

Updated on June 7, 2024

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