Automation cannot find status and fails

Platform Notice: Cloud Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the cloud platform.


Automation rule on Team managed project fails with follow error message.

Transition issue :Destination status could not be resolved. If using a smart-value ensure this resolves to a numeric status ID or untranslated name for issues (with current status):


Team managed project is configured with "Private" access and have a list of users added with project role.

On project workflow, a project role based condition has been added to transition an issue or perform other action.

Automation fails as "Automation for jira" rule actor is not meeting the project role condition.


Automation plugin is not added as an 'administrator' user on Team managed project


Step 1 : Access the rule in question from the Project settings → Automation

Step 2 : Under rule details → change the "Actor" from "Automation for Jira" to any other user added to the project with required project role.

Updated on June 11, 2024

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