Only Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence with Enterprise plans can be moved and pinned to a realm. Later this year, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence with Standard or Premium plans will be able to be moved and pinned to a realm. Learn more about data residency for Standard and Premium plans and sign up for updates

With data residency, you can choose to host in-scope product content in the EU, US, or Global realms. A realm move is a process of relocating and pinning your product content within a geographical boundary. Before you request a move we recommend that you’re familiar with what happens during a realm move and how it may affect your product.

Review what happens during a realm move

Your product will experience downtime

Generally, realm moves can take around 2 - 4 hours. This will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and type of your product content. We recommend requesting a move at least 3 business days in advance. During downtime, your product is offline and can’t be accessed.

During a realm move, if your users make changes to a Confluence page that’s open in editing mode, their changes won’t be saved.

After a realm move, when Confluence comes back online, it will be re-indexed. While this is happening, search won’t be fully operational and it may not function as expected. Re-indexing can take a few hours, but may take up to three days, depending on the size of your product data.

Jira products associated with a shared URL will also be pinned

The Jira Cloud product family is built on top of the Jira platform. This means that when we move your Jira Software Enterprise product content to another realm we’ll also move your Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management product content if they share the same site URL. If you move your Jira Software Enterprise, any Jira products on any plan associated with this URL will move and experience downtime. When the move is complete, all your Jira products associated with the same URL will show a PINNED status.

While your Jira Service Management is experiencing downtime your users will still be able to access features powered by Opsgenie as they are not part of the Jira platform.

Sandboxes don’t move with their linked product

If you already have a product pinned to a realm and you create a sandbox linked to that URL, that sandbox will automatically be pinned to the realm of the product. However, If you move realms and your product has a sandbox linked to its URL and you want them in the same realm you’ll need to request a separate move. Even though Jira Cloud sandboxes are built on the Jira platform, they do not move with the linked production environment. If you are moving a Jira Software sandbox, all your Jira Cloud sandboxes will experience downtime for the same reasons your production environments do. Learn more about sandboxes

How we move your product content

We move your product content by creating a copy of it in your chosen realm, verifying the realms match, and then deleting the source content. We’ll only delete your source content once we have confirmed that your product content is in your chosen realm.

When your product moves realms, all the files will remain attached to the page or ticket they were originally uploaded to, but they won’t be visible from the in-product media picker pop-up. All your new in-product notifications will be pinned in the destination realm, and your old in-product notifications will be in the original realm for up to 30 days.

Request a realm move

When you request to move your data to a realm, we create a support ticket. You can follow the support ticket through the view ticket link on the Data residency page. This will take you to a Jira Service Management ticket. Log in to Jira Service Management with your Atlassian account information. Learn more about Atlassian accounts

To request to move your product content:

  1. Select the name of your organization at to access your organization’s Administration overview.

  2. Go to Security > Data residency

  3. In the data residency table, select Request move

During the request workflow, choose the realm you want to move to and your preferred date and time for the move. After you’ve requested a move you’ll see a move scheduled status lozenge under the Location column.

We’ll create a ticket and send you an email confirmation with your ticket details. The ticket can take a few minutes to create. Try refreshing the page if the View ticket link isn’t displaying.

We’re working on an automated system to show you the status of your move through the data residency page, but until then we’ll keep you informed with status updates through the ticket if we need to. We’ll also reach out if we need to schedule a different date and time for your realm move.

If you have any questions about your realm move, comment on the ticket and we’ll raise a support request with Atlassian Enterprise Support.

Cancel a realm move

Currently, you can only cancel a move before it begins. This action will not be immediate, and we’ll reach out to you to confirm the cancelation.

To cancel your realm move:

  1. Select the name of your organization at to access your organization’s Administration overview.

  2. Go to Security > Data residency

  3. In the data residency table under Actions, select Cancel move

  4. Cancel move will take you to the automated status ticket. Comment on the ticket if you’d like to cancel your realm move.