If you created your organization before October 2020, authentication policies are not yet available. We’re working on releasing it to your organization.

For now, we have a way for you to start using authentication policies. Be aware there is some effort on your part to set things up. You need to recreate your existing organization as a new organization. Here’s an overview of how to do it:

  • Create a new organization

  • Reclaim your domains (remove your domains from your existing organization and verify the domains for your new organization)

  • Transfer your products from the existing organization to your new organization

Learn more about authentication policies.

To create a new organization:

  1. From the start access trial page, select Create a New Organization.

  2. Enter your organization name and select Create.

  3. Select Start Your Free Trial for a subscription to Atlassian Access (you’ll unsubscribe from Atlassian Access from your existing subscription when you transfer your products).

  4. You’ll be taken to Overview.

To remove and verify your domain(s):

  1. From Overview, select Verify Domain.

  2. Remove your verified domain(s).

  3. Verify domain(s) for your new organization.

Learn about how to verify your domain.

After you verify your domain(s), you’re ready to transfer all the products from your existing organization to your new organization.

To transfer products to your new organization:

  1. Make sure to follow the transfer checklist before you begin.

  2. Log in to and choose the organization you no longer want to use.

  3. Select Settings > Details.

  4. Select the Transfer products button and follow the screens. We’ll walk you through selecting the destination organization and reviewing your changes before you confirm the transfer.

Learn more about how to transfer products.

To access authentication policies:

  1. Navigate to Authentication Policies at

Learn more about authentication policies.