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Monitor your Enterprise user tier counts

Enterprise user tier counts are only available through an early access program (EAP).

If you’re not participating in the program, you can still find out what your user tier count is, as well as which users are included in the count. See Manage your bill for Enterprise plans

A user is someone who has been invited to at least one product under the Enterprise plan. Learn how Enterprise plans work

To view the number of users with access to products in your Enterprise plans:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com. Select your organization if you have more than one.

  2. Select Products > User tiers.

  3. Select View to see the users with access to individual products in an Enterprise plan.

You can monitor the user tier count to know how many users you can still add, whether you’re nearing your user tier limit, or if you've exceeded your user tier.

If your user count exceeds your user tier, you need to upgrade your tier or lower your user count. To upgrade your user tier, reach out to your customer advocate or send a request via email to sales-ops-support@atlassian.com.

If you reach your user tier limit, we’ll also send you an email letting you know.

If you want to find out which users are included in your user count, see Manage your bill for Enterprise plans


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