Learn how free cloud migration trials can help you switch to cloud at no extra cost.

Jira and Confluence licenses

For existing server and Data Center customers looking to switch to cloud, your current self-managed license and maintenance won't transfer to cloud. These are two separate licenses and are paid for separately. 

However, we do offer free cloud migration trials that provide a free cloud site for your remaining self-managed maintenance period (or minimum 60 days, whichever is longer). These trials are designed to help you transition to cloud at no extra cost, and without having to transfer your existing license(s). Learn more about free trials for customers moving to cloud.

App licenses

Existing self-managed app licenses also can't be transferred or credited to cloud. These are independent licenses and will need to be paid for separately. Auditing your apps and developing an app migration strategy are important parts of the decision for when and how you'll move from server to cloud.

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.