Find out how you can import your app data as part of your migration to cloud.

Develop your app migration strategy

Apps aren't automatically migrated when you move from server to cloud. To migrate any relevant data, you’ll need to work with the individual Marketplace Partner (previously known as app vendor). This includes Atlassian-built apps, like Team Calendars and Questions for Confluence.

Some apps do have the capability to export and import their data but you'll need to check with the app developers or their documentation to confirm if this is possible.

Assessing apps to prepare for migration

The migration assistants have specialized tools to help you with the heavy lifting of assessing your apps. 

To help you through this, we've put together some advice and best practices, and there are step-by-step instructions on using the migration assistants to assess your apps if you are unsure.  

If you need to migrate apps

If you do need to map third-party apps to cloud, first check if there's a cloud equivalent of your server or Data Center app in our Marketplace. If there is a cloud equivalent, your next step would be to check with the app developer to see if it stores any data. If it does, you'll need to work with the Marketplace Partner to understand your data migration options. 

Atlassian doesn't directly handle migrating data generated from third-party server apps to cloud apps. If there's no equivalent and the app stores data, you should still contact the Marketplace Partner to see if there's a way to export the data.

Keep in mind you may also have custom-built apps to consider.

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.