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Determine your migration timeline

Estimate your total migration timeline

Moving from server to cloud can be a complex endeavor, and having realistic expectations for how long it will take is key.

While we can’t offer exact timelines, customers often take months to fully prepare for a migration. To help you estimate your timeline and plan accordingly, think about the following steps and what you might need to do for each:

  1. Assessing cloud: What will we gain? How will the business and users be affected?

  2. Planning your migration: What’s our strategy? What steps will we take to get there?

  3. Prepping for migration: Are our data and environments ready to migrate? Is our team in place?

  4. Testing your migration: Does the migration work? Do we need to do any troubleshooting? How long does it take?

  5. Migrating to cloud: Showtime! Are we ready for production migration? Do we have our runbook ready?

  6. Launching your new site: Are our users prepared? Do we have information and support channels in place?

For more information on how to plan your migration and estimate timelines, refer to our migration planning guide.

Estimate your downtime

No two migrations are exactly alike. Since downtime will depend on what and how much data you're migrating, your internet speed, and other variables, we can't provide an exact estimation.

We recommend running a test migration to work out how long to expect your migration to take, document the specific processes you’ll need to follow in a runbook, and review to make sure your production downtime is minimal.

If you’re migrating Confluence using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant, the app provides estimates for how long your data migration will take. Remember to factor in any additional time for things like installing or migrating apps, setting up users, QA testing your data, and anything else you’ll need to factor into your migration runbook.

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.


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