Write knowledge base articles

Permissions need to be set up in Confluence to allow you to create knowledge articles.

Learn more about custom permissions.

To write a knowledge base article:

  1. From your service desk project, go to Knowledge base.

  2. Click Create article.

  3. Select the type of page. There are two templates you can use to create either a troubleshooting guide or a How-to article. The templates guide you with the content you should add to your page. For example, for a how-to article, an introduction to the article, instructions and related articles.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Name your article.

  6. If required add labels. Labels added to articles help users to find the required article. For example, for an article on setting up your printer, you may have the labels Printer and Set up.

  7. Click Create.

  8. Enter content into the Confluence page.

  9. Click Publish.

Highlights where in the issue view a knowledge base article is created

Another way you can create a knowledge article is through an issue in your queue. Click create an article in the Related knowledge base articles section and create your article.

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