Why change the customer portal default language?

The portal displays your service desk project’s default language. We recommend setting the default language to match the native language of the majority of your customers.

Customers see your service desk’s default language if:

  • you haven't added their preferred language

  • their preferred language is disabled

  • they only interact with email support and haven't set a language preference

The project admin will see the service desk project default language in settings for request types, customer notifications, and email templates.

Project admins will need to ask their Jira admins to manage the default Jira site language. Project admins won't be able to translate the help center announcements if the help center language differs from the Jira site language.

If no translation has been configured for a particular language, the issue type, status, resolution and priority fields will be displayed in the default language. Read more about translating resolutions, priorities, statuses, and issue types.

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