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What are approvals in next-gen projects?

Some requests might need approval before your team can work on them. For example, a manager might approve leave requests, or an IT manager might approve new system accounts. Approvers don't need a Jira Service Desk license to approve requests — they must at least be customers of the service desk project.

Here's how approvals fit into a request type workflow:

  1. The customer submits a request that transitions through the workflow until it reaches a state that needs approval.

  2. The Approver is notified by email that there's an approval waiting for them.

  3. The Approver either approves or declines the request in the customer portal.

  4. If the required number of Approvers have approved the request, it will transition to the next status in the workflow.

  5. If one of the Approvers declines the request, it will be marked as Declined and won’t transition to the next status.

Last modified on Apr 15, 2020
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