The following smart values are available to access and format user data when setting up a rule.

User properties

The following properties are accessible for users:

  • accountId: the unique ID of the user, set by Jira. It is not possible to change this ID. Learn more about converting usernames to user account IDs.

  • active: whether the user's account is active or not

  • avatarUrls: provides access to the user's avatar images in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 & 48x48

  • displayName: the full name in the user's profile

  • emailAddress: the email address in the user's profile

  • timeZone : the time zone based on the location set in the user's profile.



The assignee of the active issue.



The user who adds a comment on an issue.



The user that entered the issue. It is not possible to change the creator of an issue.



The user who triggered the rule.



The reporter of the active issue.


Entity Properties

Entity properties are arbitrary key/value pairs that can be set for a user in Jira. Users have 2 types of entity properties available:


// e.g. if 'financeAccountId' is an entity property set 
//  programmatically by another app

Entity properties can only be set via API calls using the /rest/api/3/user/properties REST API.