descriptionFind details about what permissions the agent, viewer, and admin roles are granted in your next-gen service desk.

This page describes permissions for internal service desk users. For information about customers, read about customer permissions.

Three main settings determine a person's permissions in your next-gen service desk:

  1. Their product access

  2. The service desk's internal access level

  3. Their role in the service desk

Site admins control who's licensed to use the Atlassian products their organization is subscribed to. Read more about managing users and application access across your Atlassian site.

Product access

For next-gen service desks, a person needs product access to Jira Service Desk to:

  • Become an agent of your next-gen service desk.

  • Create and administer their own next-gen service desks.

Internal access levels

The service desk’s internal access level gives any logged in Jira user a certain role in your service desk.

Open access

When a service desk is open, Jira gives all licensed users (regardless of their application access) the Viewer role. People can view your service desk’s customer requests and add internal notes. They can’t communicate with customers unless they are licensed to use Jira Service Desk, and they’ve been granted the Agent role.

Private access

When a service desk is private, you manually give people access to your service desk via the People page in your service desk’s settings. If you haven’t added a person or group, they can’t search for, view, or interact with your service desk’s customer requests in any way.

Read more about how people access your next-gen service desk.

Next-gen service desk permissions by role

Service desk permission




View the service desk and its customer requests in search results

View and change service desk settings

Add internal users to the service desk and change their role

Invite customers to the service desk

Invite people to join your Jira site

 (must be a site admin)

Delete the service desk

Next-gen customer request permissions by role

Customer request permission




Create and edit customer requests, internally

Delete customer requests

View customer details collected from request forms

Add internal notes to customer requests

Communicate with customers

Edit and delete their own comments/notes on customer requests

Edit and delete any comment or internal note on customer requests

Assign and be assigned customer requests

Change a customer request’s status

Move a customer request to another service desk or Jira project

Link customer requests

Change a customer request’s reporter

See who’s watching a customer request

Manage who’s watching a customer request

Add attachments to a request

Delete their own attachments

Delete any attachment