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Link a Confluence space to your next-gen service desk

Linking your service desk project to your Confluence space will unlock a whole suite of new capabilities to serve your customers. This will give you an area to hold all your support articles, internal documentation, FAQ’s and more.

You can link a space to a service desk project if Confluence and Jira Service Desk have the same Atlassian Cloud domain name. You can also unlink or change Confluence spaces when you need to.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you or the Confluence group you belong to have the View permission in the space. If you're a Confluence admin, you can check this by navigating to your Confluence space and clicking Space tools > Permissions.

  • To create a new space, you need the global Confluence administrator and Create space permissions in Confluence. To manage these permissions, go to your Confluence global permissions.

To link your service desk project to a Confluence space:

  1. From your service desk project, go to Project settings () > Knowledge base.

  2. Choose Link to a Confluence space.

  3. Select the Confluence site to link.

  4. To link an existing space, select the Space, then click Link. Or to create a new knowledge space, click Create a knowledge base space and follow the steps.

You can add team members to your space or you can allow anyone to join your space. After you link a space, your team members can add add articles to your knowledge base. Your customers can then find them in the customer portal when they request help.

Are you on the right help page?

If you don’t have an image in the lower-left of your service desk sidebar which states you're in a next-gen project, check out these classic project articles instead.

Learn more about the difference between classic and next-gen projects.

Last modified on Mar 14, 2020
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