How to find your service desk project

When you log into Jira Service Desk you should be taken straight to the project you're invited to join. But if you've been added to multiple projects, or if your Jira admin gave you access to other Atlassian cloud apps, you may need to find your way around first.

To navigate to your service desk project:

  1. Select ( or )> Projects.

  2. Select your service desk to see your workspace.


View of service desk projects on dashboard.


Jira remembers the project you last worked in. If you work on only one project, you shouldn't need to make this selection again.

If you work with a team that thinks of access as open by default, you might see a lot of projects listed here. Check with your Project admin to find out which service desk you're expected to work on. You can find your Project admins name in your invite email.

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