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Get to know your service desk sidebar

Once you’re in your service desk project, you can use the sidebar to navigate around your service desk. Here’s an overview of each entry in the sidebar.


Queues are where you work on customer requests. Your project admin sets up and configures queues to triage requests. You can then view and work on these requests from your queues.


See all the customers and organizations who can send requests to your service desk. You can view, add, or manage customers here.


You can use reports to visualize trends in your service desk.

Raise a request

If you need to raise a request on behalf of a customer, you can fill out a request form for them in the portal.

Knowledge base

A knowledge base stores helpful articles, such as how-tos and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that your team and customers can reference.


Channels are where you find the ways customers send you requests. Here, you can see the details of your email, help center, and widget channels.

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