Find your whiteboards

Confluence whiteboards are in beta. Reach out to your Product admin to enable this feature. Explore further details about Confluence whiteboards here.

In Confluence, you can find whiteboards in a number of different ways. Through search, recents, and the Confluence content tree, you can quickly get to the whiteboard you’re looking for.

Use the slash / shortcut key from anywhere in Confluence to quickly open the search drawer.

  1. Confluence でクイック検索を行うには、ナビゲーションの検索フィールドにフォーカスします。

  2. With the focus on the search field, a quick search drawer opens.

  3. Enter the name of a whiteboard, and choose from the list of options displayed. Items are ordered with the most recently updated first. Results will include pages and blog posts relevant to your search.

If you don't immediately see what you need in the quick search, press Enter or select the Advanced search option at the bottom of the search results to do an advanced search.

During Beta, the whiteboard’s data Confluence performs a search on is limited. The search only factors in the title, date of creation, and who created it. No content within the whiteboard is used to surface relevant results. Because of this, during Beta, whiteboard search results may not be as accurate as pages.

A quick search box showing whiteboards, blogs, and pages

Confluence の高度な検索では、スペース、個人プロファイル、添付ファイル全体でコンテンツを検索できます。


  1. 検索バーにフォーカスを合わせます。

  2. 検索語を入力します。

  3. Select Advanced search or press the Enter/Return key.





  • Spaces – Return whiteboards from a particular space or list of spaces. Select the checkbox to include archived spaces.

  • Contributors – Find whiteboards that have been modified (created, edited) by a particular person or people in any space, including their personal space. When adding multiple contributors to your filter, the operator used between the people is OR. The ability to use the AND operator between people is not supported.

  • Type – See results of a certain type, like whiteboards, pages, blog posts, attachments, or comments. You can use this filter to narrow down search results to just include whiteboards.

  • Last updated – Choose or enter a date range to only show results that were updated within a particular period of time.

  • Content under – Return content that exists in whiteboards or pages under the selected whiteboard or page. This is helpful if know generally where the content you’re looking for exists in the content tree but don't know the exact whiteboard or page name.

  • タイトルのみを検索 - 選択すると、検索フィールドに入力されたテキストをタイトルに含むページのみが結果に表示されます。

Whiteboards don’t have a concept of ‘labels' so using the ‘label’ filter in Advanced search will have no impact on the whiteboards that are returned in the results.

An advanced search page showing whiteboards with planning in the title


There are a few ways to quickly find whiteboards you've recently visited or worked on.

  • ナビゲーションの [最近] メニュー

  • ホーム ページ

[最近] メニュー

You can easily get to whiteboards based on your recent interaction with them from anywhere using the navigation. Once you are there, you can use the filter to narrow the list based on characters in the title of the whiteboard.

To see recent whiteboards via the navigation:

  1. Select Recent in the navigation.

  2. Select Worked on, or Created by me.

  3. A list of recent whiteboards and pages will be shown.

Whiteboards don’t have a concept of ‘Drafts’ or ‘Starred’. Using those filters within ‘Recents’ will not show any whiteboards.

The recent menu with two whiteboards and two pages shown

ホーム ページ

The Home page is a great place to start your Confluence day. The Recent content section of Home gives you a good reminder about what you were doing last.

To see recent whiteboards via the Recent content section of Home:

  1. Select the Recent content section in Home.

  2. Select Worked on, or Created by me.

  3. A list of recent whiteboards and pages will be shown

Space content tree

If you’re in a space, you can browse and find any relevant whiteboards via the content tree. Here, you’ll find whiteboards and pages of the space presented in a hierarchical format.

An open whiteboard being shown in the content tree

スペース コンテンツ ビュー

If you’re in a space and want to see all the whiteboards and pages of that space in a different visual format, you can go to the Space content view. In this view, you are able to view and search for whiteboards and pages in three views:

  • カード

  • list

  • compact list

You can also filter the whiteboards and pages shown to just those you’ve worked on by selecting the Worked on filter in the top left of the content view.

To access the space content view select Content at the top of the space’s content tree.

The space content page showing the whiteboard and other content