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Whiteboards beta updates

Confluence whiteboards are in beta. Reach out to your Product admin to enable this feature. Explore further details about Confluence whiteboards here.

Hey everyone 👋 We hope you’ve been enjoying using Confluence whiteboards so far. I'd like to take a moment to share some exciting upcoming changes that will soon be implemented in the product, from late May to early June. These changes aim to integrate whiteboards more natively within Confluence.

Whiteboards are moving

The existing whiteboard home screen in the Confluence side navigation bar will be removed. Instead, all whiteboards will appear as part of the content tree, which is currently known as the page tree. There is no need for any action on your part. All the whiteboards you previously created in a space will now exist under a Confluence page called “Migrated whiteboards” within that same space.

You will be able to organize whiteboards alongside pages in the content tree, which will enable you to move and delete them as well.

An open whiteboard being shown in the content tree

Create a whiteboard where you want

Just like pages, you can create a whiteboard directly from the content tree using the '+' icon or through the Create button in the top navigation.

Selecting the whiteboard option from the content tree create button
Selecting the whiteboard option from the create button

Find whiteboards in more places

Alongside seeing your whiteboards in the content tree, you can now quickly find your whiteboards using search as well as in recent ones (located in the top navigation bar in Confluence). Currently, the search function only looks for matches in the title, space, and creator fields. It does not consider any content within the whiteboard. However, this feature will be added at a later time.

A quick search box showing whiteboards, blogs, and pages
The recent menu with two whiteboards and two pages shown

Pick templates within a whiteboard

We have recently released numerous new templates along with a new method to access them. A template selector is now accessible from within the whiteboard in the top right corner. This feature enables you to select a template during whiteboard creation or insert one into an existing whiteboard to expedite content creation.

Selecting a template from the template picker dialog

Restrict your whiteboards

You will now be able to set individual whiteboard permissions. These whiteboard permissions will also be added to space permissions and coupled with pages. Whiteboards can also inherit permissions from their parent in the content tree.

The restrictions dialog for whiteboards with three users shown

What is coming soon?

  • Archive & copy whiteboards - this capability will be shipped in a few weeks as a follow-up!

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