All new pages are now created using the new editor. 

You can, however, continue to create pages using the legacy editor by selecting the Legacy Editor Template.  Pages created using the legacy editor will remain as-is until converted by you.

If your Confluence site doesn't have this template, you can contact Support to have it enabled for you.

To stay up-to-date on features that are rolled out to the new editor, keep any eye on the Atlassian blog where we announce product changes weekly.

Which editor does your page use

When you edit a page, you can look over the toolbar for visual indicators, like the differences between the text color pickers or the inclusion of an emoji icon in the new editor toolbar. You'll also notice that the Publish and Close buttons were moved to the top right in the new editor.

New editor

Legacy editor

To help support you during the short time when you may be using both editors, the following pages have been updated with content for the legacy editor and the new editor:

Other sections have been updated to help you know how to achieve your goal in the editor you are using:

If you need more detailed information about the features available in each editor and our plans for those features that aren't in the new editor yet, check out the editor roadmap.