As a newbie on the team, you might want to keep some work to yourself until you're ready to present it. There's always the chance your mission commander will also send you some information that's 'for your eyes only,' and you'll need to keep that in a safe place.

For this part of the mission, we'll be creating a special type of space: a personal space. We'll be using your personal space like a sandbox, at least to start with—somewhere you can play around, draft pages, try out features, and generally see what spaces are capable of.

Create your personal space

  1. Click your profile picture at the right of the navigation
  2. Select Add Personal Space...
  3. Hit Create

    You've now got a space that you can call your own. But we still need to lock it down to make sure it's only visible to you.

  4. Click  Space Settings in the sidebar, then choose Permissions
  5. Hit Edit Permissions (enter your password if prompted)

    You should see the confluence-users group listed under Groups. To the left of the list of permissions is the View permission, which determines whether everyone in that group can see your space.
  6. Clear the View check box, and click Save all at the bottom of the page

You're now the only one that can view this space. Feel free to try anything in this space, and store super-secret stuff here.