Step metrics troubleshooting

Why is my build running slow and leading to longer execution times?
It’s highly likely that the build tool is consuming a lot of CPU. To figure out what is consuming so much of your CPU, check the metrics which will show you the exact point where the CPU is being highly utilized and by which container. We can then view the build log to see which tool or command was being run at that exact time.

Why did my build just start failing?
Sometimes, when a build container runs out of memory, it could lead to build failure. From the metrics view, you can see at which point the build gets close to or hits the memory limit.

Why are step metrics not available for my step?

  • One reason could be the timing of your step and the aggregation of the metrics data. Step metrics are aggregated every 30 seconds and require the step to run for at least a minute to display any viable data. The accuracy of step metrics is not guaranteed, and should be taken as an approximation.

  • Another reason could be that the process failed while aggregating the metrics. In this case, running the same step multiple times can help to produce more reliable results. Keep in mind that metrics are stored for 90 days, and older builds would also require a re-run to gather new data.

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