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Atlassian Analytics is in an early access program

Only people who are part of this invite-only early access program have access to Atlassian Analytics.

Customize dashboards using themes

You can select a theme for your dashboard, which applies a unified color scheme to all your charts. You can choose from one of our pre-made themes, or create your own custom theme.

Set a default theme for your workspace

You must be an Analytics admin to set a default dashboard theme for your workspace.

To set a default dashboard theme for your workspace:

  1. Select Admin settings () from the global navigation.

  2. Under Default dashboard settings, select a Default theme.

  3. Select Save.

All dashboards will use the selected theme unless the theme is manually changed in the dashboard’s settings.

Set a theme for a dashboard

You must have permission to edit or manage the dashboard to change its theme.

To update an individual dashboard’s theme to override the default theme:

  1. Open the dashboard whose theme you’d like to change.

  2. Select Settings from the dashboard’s sidebar.

  3. Under Themes, select a new dashboard theme to apply.

  4. Select Save.

Create a custom theme

To set up a custom dashboard theme:

  1. Select the logo or Dashboards from the global navigation.

  2. Select Themes from the sidebar.

  3. Select +New theme.

  4. Name your theme, add an optional logo that will display next to your dashboard title, select your colors, and set your text styles. The previews for each section update to show a sample of how your theme will look.

  5. Select Save.

Now you can use your new theme for your dashboards.

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